Harminder Singh

Moved to Hong Kong under 1 years of age, the city has always been home to Harminder. He is the host of ATV Newsline, co-hosts "I On Hong Kong", is an entrepreneur, a news hound and received a degree in Business & Society from York University in Toronto, Canada.


    Since the end of the occupation of the Umbrella Movement, one proud institution of Hong Kong society was dealt a serious blow, the Hong Kong Police. We have all seen the video clips of the police beating a restrained Ken Tsang, unnecessary pepper spraying, escalating the protests by using tear gas (tear gas had not been used on Hong Kong citizens since 1967) and other forms of abuse of police powers. Certainly these abuses should not be ignored, but the strength and the energy of the Umbrella Movement should not be wasted on demonisation of the police.


    The police have a thankless job. On a daily basis they have to deal with drunks, drug addicts, domestic abusers, witness the aftermath of horrific traffic accidents and murders, investigate and solve crimes, and many other forms of daily police work. At the end of the day, most police do not put on their uniform on a daily basis, looking to knock some heads of pro-democracy protesters. The handful that do, clearly are mentally ill and should not be on the police force.


    The Umbrella Movement must engage the police in the information war. Some may think that by attacking the police, they are attacking the establishment. This is an incorrect assumption, as they are just pawns in a political game of chess. As a matter of fact the police must be engaged in polite conversation (even if the same courtesy is not returned) and explain to them why you are participating, what you hope to achieve and how your activities will benefit them and their families in the future. Verbally abusing police will not make them your friends. It will only make the police delve deeper in to a gang, “us-versus-them,” mentality. The police are just where the rubber meets the road, they are the tires of a car. The focus should be on the car itself, which in this case is the Executive government of the Hong Kong SAR.


    Constant focus on the police is a distraction. A distraction the establishment welcomes as they continue to vomit a Grade D version of universal suffrage down the throat of the Hong Kong public. It is time to refocus on the real target and try to win the hearts and minds of the Hong Kong Police.


SINGH Harminder​
Moved to Hong Kong under 1 years of age, Harminder has always thought of Hong Kong as his home. Since 2010 he has been politically and socially active as he sees Hong Kong society being usurped and saw a desperate need for voices in the other official language of HK. He co-hosts the show "I On Hong Kong," is an entrepreneur and received a degree in Business & Society from York University in Toronto, Canada.

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